Working with Jessica is like hanging out with your best friend - if your best friend were extremely talented, a great listener, incredibly creative, and super productive. Jessica is a superb collaborator; she has the ability to understand your vision and then uses it as a springboard to develop and execute on your vision at a higher level than you could imagine. Her taste is exquisite, and her ability to create a stylish, comfortable, beautiful environment is unparalleled. I love working with her because it's not work - it's fun. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who has a dream they need help to realize.

Diana D.

Being in construction for 30+, it has been difficult to find companies that can bring in a project on time and on budget. Intrinsic Interiors has consistently performed extremely well on all our projects and have diligently worked to provide the ambiance required by our clients. They have met deadlines I thought were impossible! I highly recommend Jessica and her team for your next project.

Rosemarie K.